2018/19 BISL Awards

Another BISL season is in the books and Samarra defend their title in one of the greatest games in BISL history. Congratulations to all the teams on a fantastic season and we hope everyone enjoyed their experience. We are always looking for ways to improve our league so please send any feedback to [email protected] 
This season featured many incredible individual performances, which made player award voting even more difficult. For individual awards, each GM was to submit one nominee from their respective team. After collecting all the nominees, each team's set of GMs (GM and one Assistant GMs) were eligible to cast a vote - however, they were NOT permitted to vote for players on their own team. Though there were many deserving candidates, we are happy to present this year's individual award winners.

Before we go into the individual awards, let's recap this year's All-BISL teams, voted on by the players. 

All-BISL First Team
All-BISL Second Team
G: Zahid Merchant, Andalusia FC      
G: Hassan Syed, Samarra FC
D: Asif Ibn Rehana, Sham FC
D: Ali Wadee, Hejaz FC
D: Owais Ansari, Andalusia FC
D: Hussam Ayubi, Anatolia FC
F: Zain Khilji, Anatolia FC
F: Omar El-Askalany, Hejaz FC
F: Danish Khan, Samarra FC
F: Junaid Akram, Anatolia FC
F: Fawad Akram, Sham FC
F: Muhammad Shah, Sham FC

And now, onto the awards...

Golden Boot

Winner: Jibran Sakrani, Samarra FC (10 goals)

Jibran had a sensational rookie season and notched 10 goals in 8 games. He was fortunate to have two of the best playmakers in Danish Khan and Omar El-Askalany setting him up but Jibran proved he is one of the best finishers in the league.  

Regular Season MVP

Top Three Nominees: Omar Sheikh, Andalusia FC; Danish Khan, Samarra FC; Fawad Akram, Sham FC.
Winner: Danish Khan, Samarra FC (10 goals, 4 assists, 14 points) 

Danish Khan won the MVP honours last year and it was hard to imagine the Samarra captain improving on his 2017 campaign but he was equal to the task. Danish carried Samarra throughout the season with some big matches. Danish's greatest strength is controlling the pace of the game which has led Samarra to back to back titles.

Playoff MVP

Top Three Nominees: Danish Khan, Hassan Syed, Omar El-Askalany
Winner: Hassan Syed, Samarra FC 

It is very rare that you see a goalkeeper win playoff MVP but after the performance from Hassan in the playoffs, there was a clear choice for Captain Danish Khan to give the nod to his keeper. Hassan kept Samarra in the 2nd leg of the semis vs Anatolia when they were full blitzing the Redblacks. Hassan came ready for the finals and turned in one of the best performances including winning the penalty shootout for his team.

Top Defender

Top Three Nominees: Asif Ibn Rehana, Sham FC., Owais Ansari, Andalusia FC; Salman Ahmed, Samarra FC;
Winner: Asif Ibn Rehana, Sham FC (3 goal, 4 assists, +12 GD)

Asif Ibn Rehana anchored the Sham defence and contributed with some key goals all year. The lanky defender plays with grit and keeps the Sham team composed in their own end. It's no surpise that he has been in every final since he joined the league. 

Top Goalkeeper

Top Three Nominees: ‎Basil Jeelany, Sham FC; Hassan Syed, Samarra FC; Zahid Merchant, Andalusia FC
Winner: Hassan Syed, Samarra FC (8 wins, 4 clean sheets, 44 saves) 

Hassan turned into a goalkeeper midseason last year and steadily improved to help Samarra to a title but he came in this season determined to be the best goalkeeper in the league. Well, he left no doubt with the best record and half his wins as clean sheets.

Most Improved Player

Top Three Nominees: Hussam Ayubi, Anatolia FC; Salman Siddiqui, Andalusia FC; Umer Jabbar, Samarra FC.
Winner: Umer Jabbar, Samarra FC (5 goals, 1 assist)

The former Samarra GM was relieved of his duties as Captain this year but he turned in his best season for his club. Umer was a key member of the Samarra backline and contributed some huge points in the playoffs. Umer had one of the best +- over the course of the season and marshalled the backline to a league best only 15 goals allowed.

Brotherhood Award

Nominees: ‎Asif Ali, Hejaz FC; Ibrahim Khan, Sham FC; Humeid Masood, Anatolia FC; Omar El-Askalany, Samarra FC; Raza Zahur, Andalusia FC
Winner: Humeid Masood, Anatolia FC

Though every one of these nominees (and many others that weren't) are deserving of this award, this year Humeid Masood stood out from among the worthy candidates. Humeid had moved himself back to defence and was selfless for his team. Most importantly, he showed great sportsmanship on and off the field. All GMs felt he was someone that embodied the values of the league and showed brotherhood every single week. 

That brings a close to Season Five of BISL. Congratulations to all award recipients, and thank you to all the players, supporters and sponsors that made this season a memorable one. See you on the pitch next year!