Week 7 Rumours

We come down to the final four weeks of the season. All four playoff spots are up for grabs between five teams as we enter the home stretch. Here are the matchups in matchweek 7: 

Hejaz FC vs. Andalusia FC (8:45PM on Field 4)

Hejaz FC
Hejaz FC has gained enough steam to perform the three peat thanks to the Akram brothers Fawad and Junaid who have literally turned the club’s fate 360 degrees. Hejaz have won 3 in a row after losing 3 in a row and seem to function in streaks. We can’t forget the previous season where the club won the title without being defeated the entire competition. The current Hejaz squad is quite different from the last but management will now feel they can chase their goals from last season. Muhammad Shah finally makes his mark on the league contributing 4 points in their latest win. Although their star signings have much to play in their success, the entire squad has come together to put in some quality performance. Notably, Omar Adil has been the rock at the back for Hejaz and Ibrahim Sardar the gatekeeper. Despite the improved performances, Hejaz have been lacking reinforcements as they are getting used to playing with no bench. Soon enough, it will catch up to them, especially on the counter. The white knights will hope to see a bench this time out as they take on Andalusia who are looking to get back to their winning ways. The matchup will realize a lot about the 2 sides as we inch closer to the playoffs.

Andalusia FC
Andalusia FC will be disappointed in their draw against Sham as 3 points would have taken them top last weekend. The Spaniards were without the Hassans, Chaudhary and Chaudhry but found a way to equal their opponents through grit and determination. Andalusian Legend, Farhan Karamat picked up a pair of goals for his club and Imad Siraj scored the draw with his first goal of the season. The club boasts a talented and athletic squad with many players possessing the ability to play multiple positions, but critics want to see Zain Khan control the midfield and the pace of their matches. Andalusia are now winless in 3 games after winning their first 3 and management is deciding whether the league has figured them out or they aren’t producing enough chances anymore. What we do know is that they utilize the high-pressure tactic, winning the ball high up the pitch to increase their chances in front of goal, but are uninformed of its effectiveness. Goalkeeper Junaid Mirza used to talk about how he doesn’t concede goals as easy anymore, but has probably changed his mind after conceding 10 in the last 3 games. Their task doesn’t get any easier as they take on the redecorated Hejaz who are taking the standings by storm.

Sham FC vs. Anatolia FC (8:45PM on Field 3)

Sham FC
Sham FC have been sweeping the BISL basement all season and as playoffs approach, their broom sticks are running out of dust to collect. The club has managed to accumulate only 2 points in 6 games and it seems they will be BISL’s next Andalusia. Coincidently, the squad collected half their points last week against the Andalusians and hopefully are on their way up the basement stairs. We also hope these insults in the rumors can translate into points for the club. Technically speaking, the team has a lot a talent on paper and their performances seem up to par with their opponents, but they somehow can’t manage to salvage points very often. We have seen time again where the squad goes through a mental lapse or some sort of distraction from which teams at this level tend to take advantage of. The most obvious failure is their ability to score goals. With only 9 goals in 6 games, there no wonder why they can’t gain traction in the standings. Yasser Zia has been doing his part by holding down his goal, but the offense doesn’t even come close to the damage Yasser is preventing. On the bright side, Mohammed Mahmood is getting used to netting the ball, scoring all 3 goals last weekend to give his side some respect and an all so valuable point. Sham square up against Anatolia who tend to score more than their opponents and they know their usual won’t be enough.

Anatolia FC
Anatolia FC fall short again to another late goal in their 4-3 loss to Samarra last weekend. With 3 wins and 3 losses, management will now need to focus on retaining points rather than topping the table to secure a playoff spot this season. They are currently on the edge of the playoff umbrella on goal differential and dropping points now could leave them out in the rain again. A similar story was written last season where the Turks led the league in goals but sat the post-season on the couch. With a greater talent pool at their disposal this campaign, we expected better from the Anatolians, but in theory they are only 1 game behind the league leaders. Zain Khilji, Nehad Shihab, and Taqi Ahmed are not clicking efficiently and it’s hard to say if they will be able to develop some stable chemistry this season. Their starting defenders in Hasan Afzal and Shoaib Gaya are no longer at the club forcing them to develop a new partnership at the back with new additions Taher Mirza and Hamza Waheed. Mohammed Salman has helped the club through these tough times as the only natural defender left from draft day. Goalkeeper Umair Sheikh is making save after save for the club but is disappointed to concede 4 goals last game. Anatolia will look to collect all 3 points and prove they are not a team that concede 4 goals a game.

Jerusalem FC vs. Samarra FC (9:45PM on Field 4)

Jerusalem FC
Jerusalem FC forfeits top spot once again after a truly disappointing display at Hejaz last week. Not only were they facing a 6-man squad, they finally had enough players to avoid calling up a sub last week. GM Zahid Merchant was under the impression that when they finally got their full squad back they would be unbeatable especially because they were top. Zahid’s usual cocky behaviors could have played a part in their saddening 6-3 defeat and if they are to challenge for the title, division 9 like performances are unacceptable. Shaheen Limbada welcomed himself back into the squad with 2 goals and perhaps an official start to his season playing only 3 games thus far while Omar Sheikh continues to collect points for the club. With a lot of their players coming back and regaining match fitness, their chemistry has certainly stirred and it seems the once praised defensive partnership of Saqib Dadaboy and Mohammed Variava did not live up to their expectation. Mohammed did flash a fine strike into the top corner of his own net for what that’s worth. Also on the defense, Hashim Ghazi had a great view of his former team returning to their usual winning ways and may have felt he was better off at Hejaz. The blues take on Samarra this week and will try to end their streak and redeem their top spot.

Samarra FC 
Samarra FC solely claim the top spot for the first time in club history and deservingly so. The squad has rallied a 4-game winning spree under the leadership of Umer Jabbar and the boot of Khizer Shahzad. For a club that lacked goals in their bloodline, this season has been one that can define them for decades. The club’s fan following has seen a dramatic increase and the Samarra FC online store sales have reached new heights. Among the store’s “hottest items” is their match-day women’s hair-band worn by Umair Jabbar at every game. In the absence of Taha Iqbal, Umair was reunited with his days between the posts and has now played every position on the pitch this season. Numair Bari and Danish khan have been essential to the black flag run, most notably, the game winning assist last game where Danish froze time for Arshad Chaudhry to score all 3 points. With a shift in focus on offense, the defense has suffered a bit which is unlike the Samarian squads we have seen in the past, but the variation is reaping benefits for the club. This weekend will be the team’s ultimate test on whether they are ready for a title. Jerusalem will stand between them and another 3 points as the battle for supremacy and top spot resumes.

Matchweek Seven kicks off at 8:45 Sunday Night.