Week 10 Recap

Matchweek 10 completed the 2016-17 regular season. Anatolia move on to play Jerusalem in the Semis while Andalusia will make their playoff debut against Hejaz. We bid farewell to Sham and Samarra. Sham had a difficult year but kudos to them for showing competitive spirit and fighting right till the end even though the results were lacking. Samarra sat in first place in week 7 but found some rough form and free falled all the way out of the playoffs. We thank both teams for a great season and hope to see you all again next season. Here are the recaps:  

Samarra FC     8   |   0     Sham FC

Samarra knew coming into the match they needed a miracle to earn a playoff spot but they were determined to do their part. Samarra struck for 3 goals in the first ten minutes while Sham was still waiting on their goalkeeper to show up. Samarra needed a 17 goal differential to move up in the standings. Sham put up a valiant fight but once again their offense was unable to breakthrough. Samarra finish with a convincing 8-0 victory but it wouldn't be enough to make amends for their poor goal differential. Both teams fail to move on to the second season after they both made the semi finals last year. We thank them for their contributions to the league this year. 

Man of the Match - Khizer Shahzad

Anatolia FC     4   |   7     Hejaz FC

In a huge fixture for both sides, this match would determine the playoff seedings. The match started off with a dandy as Hejaz jumped out to an early 3-0 lead by the midway point of the first half but Anatolia stormed all the way back to tie up the match on two goals from Riaz Murad. However, Anatolia was unable to control the Akram brothers as they ripped apart the Turkish defence. Four of Hejaz's goals were tap-ins which tells you how well their players were covered. Junaid Akram would finish with another 6 points to give him 12 in two matches. Hejaz is on fire and they enter the playofs on a hot streak. They will face Andalusia in the two-leg semi final while Anatolia fall down the fourth place and will face league leaders Jerusalem. 
Man of the Match - Junaid Akram 

Andalusia FC   1   |   2     Jerusalem FC

In the late match, both Andalusia and Jerusalem knew their playoff standings and the only thing that could change their seeding would be a Andalusia victory by more than 5 goals. Both teams played with one sub each which meant the pace of the game would be slower. Andalusia struck first with Shaharyar Khan beating his man down the wing and smashing it short side to give his side the lead. That lead would last less than five minutes as Shaheen Limbada set up Raza Ali with a brilliant cross for the easy tap in. Both teams traded shots but went in the half content with the tie. Late in the second half, Jerusalem went for victory by peppering 5 shots in quick succession and eventually found the winner on a backheel goal by Umair Wasim, set up by Raza Ali. Jerusalem top the tables for the first time and play Anatolia in the semiis while Andalusia will regroup before their semi-final encounter against Hejaz. 

Man of the Match - Raza Ali