Congratulations to the 2016/17 Champions - Jerusalem FC

Third time's a charm, isn't it? After being on the losing end of the scoreline the past two finals, Jerusalem finally got the best of their nemesis Hejaz to be crowned as Champions. The Final score read 4-1 and it played out exactly as you'd expect a final to be - intense, gritty and focused. Both teams left it all on the field, but only one team can be crowned champs, and it was finally the Sky Blues turn to hoist the trophy. The game started off with a great individual effort by Raza Ali that put his side ahead 1-0. A second came only a few mins after by Omar Sheikh to put JFC up two and Hejaz looking for answers. They got an immediate return as Muhammad Shah, as he always does, took matters into his own hands right off the kickoff - dangling his way into a great finish that saw them pull back one in unison. Omar Sheikh made sure not to let the tide fall in favour of the Hejazis though, as he answered back quickly with another goal to put his men up 3-1 at the break. In the second half, Hejaz looked to get another goal early but the solid defensive partnership of Mohammed Variava and Atif Mian for Jerusalem could not be broken down. Credit to Shaheen Limbada for putting in a shift of his own as defensive mid, as the three of them (and Jerusalem as a whole) looked poised in preventing Hejaz from getting any more goals. Omar Sheikh finished his hat trick off with another great finish on the counter that put the game all but away. Hejaz kept chipping away but couldn't get any end product. As the game waned down, both teams showed signs of fatigue with the extended game length. As the final whistle blew, Jerusalem GM let out a roar as he finally claimed the championship that's alluded his side in year's past.