Week 2 Rumours

Week 2 is here and we will be back at Milton Soccer Academy this week and next week. We hope to be back in the Milton Turf Centre after the holiday break. Due to the inconvenience, we have been able to add an additional week to the season for all teams. The remaining schedule has been updated on our website. 
Here is it for your reference: 
Dec 9 Week 2, Dec 16 Week 3, Jan 6 Week 4, Jan 13 Week 5, Jan 20 Week 6, Jan 27 Week 7, Feb 10 Week 8, Feb 24 Week 9, Mar 4 Week 10, Mar 17 Super Sunday, Mar 24 Semi Leg #1, Mar 31, Semi Leg #2, Apr 7 Finals
Anatolia FC vs.  Andalusia FC (8:45PM)
Coming into the matchup, both teams will be disappointed with their results in their opening games as Anatolia failed to finish their chances to lose 4-3 while Andalusia gave up their 3-2 lead with virtually the last kick of the game to settle for a draw. Both teams had trouble being clinical with their chances in front of goal and seemed more likely to score from distance. Respectively, GMs Zain Khilji and Omar Sheikh led by example with involvement in all 3 of their team’s goals and are expected to be pivotal in this week’s matchup as well. Andalusia was missing a couple pieces in the squad last week in Hassan Chaudhary and Rayhan Malik which strengthen their already strong defense.
Critics feel that Andalusia will have an edge in this matchup through their defense and possession control as Anatolia’s potent offence was not exactly potent last match and their defense lackluster. Both teams will have reviewed their shortcomings and implemented improvements in order to make up for the lost points last weekend. With a smaller field sustaining the match, both goalkeepers will be under fire and it doesn’t help that the new official match balls used at BISL have increased velocities when let fly. We expect a high tide from Anatolia and we'll have to see if the Andalusian walls are higher.
Hejaz FC vs.  Samarra FC (9:40PM)
New year, same expectations. Samarra sit atop the table after a victory last week over Anatolia. The redblacks seemed to have found seamless replacements from their championship roster. Omer El-Askalany has taken over for Khizer as the wing man and Rookie sensation Jibran Sakrani is Murtaza 2.0. There are still some question marks about their defence but they proved their worth last week. They are hoping to have Umair Ashraf back in the squad while they still wait for Umer Jabbar to finish his international duty for team Pakistan in the UK. Samarra come into week 2 hoping for another 3 points against Hejaz.
Hejaz were a completely different squad last Sunday than what we saw in their exhibition game. They were without defensive anchor Ali Wadee and no one was able to fill the void as they allowed 7 goals. Nabeel Jabbar had an impressive debut in net with some flashy saves but his defence didn't provide him much help. They will need to sort out their defensive shape as they face another offensive powerhouse in Samarra. Master tactician Taqi Ahmed has been playing Fifa 18 all week searching for a formation that fits his team. Expect more from Nasir Rahman this Sunday after he was left off the scoresheet last week. 
Jerusalem FC vs.  Sham FC (10:35PM)
Two teams who looked severely out of sorts in the exhibition inspired opening weekend and face one another in MW2.  Both teams offer contrasting styles and it will be interesting to see who got lucky last week and who's for real. 
Sham, after being completely disorganized defensively only two weeks ago, looked arguably the most dangerous squad in the League a week ago, with Fawad Akram continuing his blistering form.  Fawad pocketed four goals for the tangerines, and showed that time is no object, as he and Muhammad Shah played with each other seamlessly despite not being teammates for the better part of two years.  With his luscious locks buzzed off, Asif Ibn Rehana showed he has some goals in him too after scoring the first goal of his career and taking command of the Sham defensive line.  Asif aims to be the rock of the backline while Saifuddin Syed has free reign to join the attack, and with elite shotstopper Basil Jeelany behind the duo, we don't expect many goals to pass through.  Ahmad Alvi also struck up a partnership with Akram after collecting a few goals of his own, and the SAA (South Asian Alliance Shah-Akram-Alvi) trio will no doubt keep opposing defences up at night. 
Their opponents this week are Jerusalem, who played a gritty match en route to a 3-3 draw against Andalusia last week.  Jerusalem showed composure from kickoff in their last match, breaking up every combination the Spaniards threw at them and capitalizing on the opportunities presented to them.  Newcomer Azan Ali was the key man on the night for JFC, scoring a brace and being a constant threat in the final third of the pitch.  Keeper Ibrahim Sardar was a force between the sticks as well, having an answer for nearly everything Andalusia threw at him.  In his first season in non-Hejaz colours, we pin him as an early-season favourite for Goalkeeper of the year.  Kamil Lotia also showed shades of his old self; after a subpar performance last year due to being played out of position, he showed poise on the ball and contributed a goal of his own.  Jerusalem's style of play is demanding, as so much of it relies upon defensive discipline and making the most of the limited scoring opportunities that come their way.  While it remains to be seen if they can keep up that form all season, they definitely have the tools and tactics needed to stay in every game (and beat the living crap out of you while doing it).