Semi-final Leg #2 Rumours

We head into the second leg of the semis in anticipation of what the finals have in store. Will Samarra and Sham once again meet again in the finals? Anatolia and Andalusia are the only two teams in BISL's 5 year history to never reach the finals. Will they make history this Sunday? Let's find out  
Anatolia FC vs. Samarra FC : 1-3 after First Leg (9:00PM on Field 3)
Anatolia have struck the right gameplan against Samarra in the past, having been one of two teams to have beat them all season. In the first half, it looked like the Canaries were ready to put in another shock upset after controlling the game for parts of the match. Zain Khilji was given time on the ball and Abdullah Akhtar's presence in the match was growing as his tireless work rate was putting a dent on his opposing back line. However, Samarra, like they have all season, weathered the storm and took the reins in the second half to collect a 3-1 victory in the first leg. Anatolia lost their grip in the battle as the match wore on, and Samarra seized the opportunity to strike when the opportunities were made available to them. Forward Jibran Sakrani was having his way with his opponents, slicing through to create chance after chance. Also, midfielder turned defender Shaharyar Khan put his stamp on the match time and time again, breaking up play and converting those tackles and interceptions into countering opportunities. 
Though a two goal deficit will be tough to overcome, Anatolia have the tools needed to do so. The key will be doing what they did for bouts of the first half over the whole match. With some firepower of their own, they have goals in them. Junaid Akram will need to step up and put in a shift for the Turks. He seemed to be a focal point of the Samarran gameplan and was not about to get on the ball as much as he would've liked. 
As for Samarra, we'll, they've just got to do what they've done all season. They'll be sitting pretty with a two goal lead, but will need to add at least one or two onto that tally to really punch their ticket into the final. The first match between these two was very open but we expect this second leg to be a far tighter affair.
Projected Starting VI:
     Anatolia FC - U. Sheikh; H. Ayubi, H. Masood; J. Akram, Z. Khilji, A. Akhtar
     Samarra FC - H. Syed; S. Ahmad, S. Khan; O. El-Askalany, D. Khan; J. Sakrani
Andalusia FC vs. Sham FC : 2-2 after First Leg (10:00PM on Field 3)
The first leg of this match had everything you want in a playoff match. From good organization and defense, to intricate goals, to fearless tackles. It's not easy to say which side deserved the win and probably fair that the finalist will be decided by the second leg having drawn in the first. 
Andalusia, obviously the underdogs (shah reaches the finals every year (and now he has Fawad)), showed viewers that they can take on the best and offer a similar threat to that champion Jerusalem team a couple years ago. Shaheen Limbada had one of the best individual performances of the season last game and he is and will be the energy Andalusia feeds off of. Alongside Owais Ansari, who is always up to the challenge but occasionally gives the ball up cheaply which is too dangerous against a side like Sham. He has to put a plug on that. Andalusia will have to continue to have some say in the match in terms of control and unleash their secret weapons in Hassan Chaudhary and Ansari at the right moments. Goalkeeping for the side has been stellar pre and post season,but so has Sham's. 
Basil Jeelany made some great interceptions last game to keep Sham in the match before they equalized and a lot of credit goes the him having picked up an assist in a playoff match. Shah had another one of those top-class performances scoring a goal and playing commander on the pitch; again, in a leading by example type style. Fawad can be the difference between going out in the semis or reaching the finals as one of the best creative players. Finding Ahmed Alvi is their go to strat. Sham is used to boasting a dominance on the match which allows them to play more comfortably on offence and if they are able to find that rhythm, we think they will win the match and the matchup. However, we have to keep in mind Hashim Ghazi is the reach the finals talisman and he's suiting up for Andalusia. This game will be tighter from Andalusia and more stretched from Sham. Who you got?
Projected Starting VI:
     Andalusia FC - Z. Merchant; O. Ansari, H. Chaudhary; S. Limbada, O. Sheikh; A. Mian
     Sham FC - B. Jeelany; S. Syed, A. Ibn Rehana; A. Alvi, M. Shah; F. Akram
By 11PM on Sunday, only two teams will remain standing in the most competitive season in BISL to date – the next chapter awaits.