Week 2 Recap

Matchweek 2 is in the books, and half the teams went to 2-0 and the other half stand at 0-2. Here's a recap of the night's action.

Samarra FC     2   |   3     Jerusalem FC

The match was an open contest with both sides trading jabs until Jerusalem engine Omar Sheikh opened up on the scoring on a great counterattacking move midway through the first half. The score remained 1-0 heading into the break, and Furhan Azmat, who continually pops up in the right spots in front of goal, netted his second of the season to put his team up 2-0 early in the second. Not looking to lose another game, Samarra ramped up the intensity and aimed to get back into the game. It all started with some pressure by newcomer Khizer Shahzad led to an uncharacteristic cough-up by JFC in their own half and the lad pulling one back for his side. Then Numair Bari, who played in the backline for his side to add some stability, pushed up on a set-piece that led to a goal by Danish Khan after Bari’s movement in front of net disrupted the JFC fill-in keeper Umair Wasim’s view of the shot. The momentum shifted completely in favour of the Samarrans, but Jerusalem held their ground and focused on getting the W. They indeed got it, as workhorse Omar slotted in his second of the night in the last dying minutes to give his men a hard-fought three points.

Man of the Match: Omar Sheikh

Anatolia FC     4   |   2     Sham FC

The match was very entertaining to witness as both sides were pushing for the win despite their respective weaknesses. Anatolia had most of the possession and play very pretty and nimble football but sham played an unconventional 3-1-1 to tighten up the gaps keeping the explosive Anatolia side scoreless at half. As a result, Sham were able to counter and a Mohammed Mahmood shot from distance beat the keeper to his top right to put Sham 1 up. The second half was a more open game where Zain Khilji came alive and scored 3, to tie the game at 1 apiece, then scoring the winner at 2-2 and finishing it off with a 4-2 final score. Nehad Shihab’s top corner tying goal gave Anatolia the momentum to push for the win while Sham lost concentration to keep from conceding. Ahmad Alvi scored one of his own early in the second half, but wasn’t enough to put Sham ahead for good.

Man of the Match: Zain Khilji

Andalusia FC     4   |   0     Hejaz FC

Andalusia is really looking like a contender having not conceded thus far. The game was very fast paced from both sides, but Hejaz were unable to create a quality chance in front of goal. Andalusia pushed high up the pitch and connected well in the final third where Fahim Karamat put in a pair of goals early in the game. Faheem Kotwal withdrew from the game 10 minutes in and Ibrahim Sardar took the role in the goal to make some spectacular saves to keep the score from getting out of hand. Ali Chaudhry was a goalie on the mission, leaving his goal to have a shot at goal from 20 yards and hitting the post. Zain Khan was able to score 2 more from the high pressure up the pitch. Hejaz seemed to be scrambling all match which allowed Andalusia.

Man of the Match: Fahim Karamat