2024 Playoffs


The 2024 BISL Playoffs are here.
Here is the complete schedule for the playoffs: 

Playoff Rules: 

Higher seed only needs a tie over two legs in the quarters. Lower seed must win outright over two legs in quarters. No penalties in quarters. Semis and finals have penalties. 
Players must play a minimum of 6 games in the regular season to be playoff eligible or 50% of games since you joined the league. To appeal for an exception, please contact the league management.
Cards carry over from the regular season to the playoffs. A third yellow card carries an automatic 1-game suspension. Fourth card carries an automatic 1-game suspension. 
No substitutes are allowed in the playoffs. You only play with the brothers on the roster.  

January 28th - Quarterfinals Leg #1: 
9PM: Gharb #1 (Anatolia) v Sharq #4 (Sham) Field 1, Sharq #2 (Samarra) v Gharb #3 (Andalusia) Field 4  
10PM: Sharq #1 (Hejaz) v Gharb #4 (Masr) Field 1, Gharb #2 (Maghrib) v Sharq #3 (Jerusalem) Field 4

February 4th - Quarterfinals Leg #2 : 
9PM:  Gharb #2 (Maghrib) v Sharq #3 (Jerusalem) Field 1 , Sharq #1 (Hejaz) v Gharb #4 (Masr) Field 4
10PM: Sharq #2 (Samarra) v Gharb #3 (Andalusia) Field 1, Gharb #1 (Anatolia) v Sharq #4 (Sham) Field 4

February 11th - Semifinals Leg #1 : 
9PM:  Maghrib v Hejaz Field 1
10PM: Samarra v Anatolia Field 1

February 25th - Semifinals Leg #2 : 
9PM:  Samarra v Anatolia Field 1
10PM: Maghrib v Hejaz Field 1 

All-Star Sunday on February 18th. Finals on March 3rd.

Good Luck to all the teams and be safe.

Registration is now open for New Players

Registration is now open for new players. We have very limit spots and will be first come first serve. If you are unable to register in time, we will have spots for substitute players to join the league so you will still have a chance to join us. 
Click here to register: https://forms.gle/bQyRK5zN4U4kgUyP8
Look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Preseason Update #1

Brotherhood Indoor Soccer League is back for our 9th season. 
We are still sorting out the details for the upcoming season but here is what we can share so far. 
1. Our location and timings remain the same. Churchill Meadows Community Centre in Mississauga (9th line/Thomas). Games will still be Sunday nights between 9pm to 11pm
2. The regular season will start on November 5th iA. The tentative schedule is listed below. 
Nov 5 - Matchweek 1
Nov 12 - Matchweek 2
Nov 19 - Matchweek 3
Nov 26 - Matchweek 4
Dec 3 - Matchweek 5
Dec 10 - Matchweek 6
Dec 17 - Matchweek 7
Jan 8 - Matchweek 8
Jan 15 - Matchweek 9
Jan 22 - Matchweek 10
Jan 29 - Quarterfinal (Leg #1)
Feb 4 - Quarterfinal (Leg#2) (Lower seed needs to win, higher seed just needs a tie over 2 legs)
Feb 11 - Semifinal (Leg#1)
Feb 25 - Semifinal (Leg#2)
Mar 3 - Finals
More details to come. 

2023 BISL Champs - Sham FC

Masr and Sham played a dandy in the 2023 BISL Finals. Masr stuck first with Rameez Siddiqi fighting his way to a long ball from Shaheen Limbada and putting in a clincal finish. Aadhil Mohamed produced some solo magic to beat two defenders with his pace to put Masr up 2-0. Sham FC got a momentum building goal just before halftime on a free kick from Ovaiz Khan that found Ayaz Patel infront of the net to deflect it home. Sham found the equalizer midway through the 2nd half on a defensive breakdown that saw Muhammad Shah 1v1 with the goalie that squared up the game. Once again, the finals came down to penalty kicks. Shah - Miss, Aadhil - Goal, Ali Lone - Goal, Shaheen Goal, Ovaiz - Goal, Afnan - Miss, Abdo - Goal, Rameez - Goal, Ayaz - Goal, Sheraz - Miss... the penalties went to 2 extra kickers before Sham took home the victory. Sham FC complete the undefeated season. Congrats to both teams on an amazing display of footy and brotherhood. Sham FC take home their first title in team history. 


2022 BISL Champions - Maghrib FC

Maghrib and Masr came into the finals after two different paths. Maghrib had hard fought battles in the quarters and the semis. Masr steamrolled the quarters and narrowly won their semi on penalty kicks. Both teams faced adversity on their path to the finals. Maghrib was missing their captain and star midfielder Danish Khan after an injury in the semis. Masr dominated the first half with a series of high quality chances but Hannan Ghafoor made some brilliant saves. Neither team could break through and for the first time in league history a match finished 0-0. On to penalty kicks, after 3 kickers we were still square at 2-2. The fourth round saw Rameez Siddiqi score and Masr miss to give Maghrib the title. The boys in Red fought hard and had their chances but Maghrib stood tall and found a way to win. Congrats to Maghrib FC on their first title in their first season!

Anatolia FC - 2020 Champions

Hejaz and Anatolia played a classic defensive battle in the 1st half the final. It wasn't till midway through the 2nd that Anatolia found their finishing touch. GM Zain Khilji blasted a through ball from Fawad Akram to open the scoring. Mike Isoufi would add a second 7 minutes later to double the lead. Mike would then set up Syed "Ronaldo" Kazmi on a through ball for a Kazmi finish and celebration to make it 3-0. Hejaz put on all the pressure after that and found a goal by GM Taqi Ahmed with 4 minutes to play. They created a bunch of chances but missed that finishing touch. Komayl Jawadi would once again get the final kick as he tapped in a Fawad Akram pass to finish the match at 4-1. A fantastic final played with great sportsmanship. Congrats to Hejaz on a fantastic season. Anatolia are finally BISL Champions ending their 6 year drought. 


Zero Tolerance Policy for Inappropriate Conduct

As we gear up for our sixth season, we wanted to highlight a few changes made to the rules this season. We want to remind all our players, while we take pride in the competitive balance, this is strictly a recreational league. We try our best to make this a safe and enjoyable experience for all our players. The Brotherhood and iIslamic values of this league are paramount and take priority over competition.
With that in mind, we will have a zero tolerance policy for any confrontations and aggressive play. 
Rule changes: 
1. A straight Red card will result in a minimum player fine of $20 and an automatic one game suspension. Any further punishment is at the discretion of the league. All fines must be paid before the teams next scheduled league match. Non-payment will result in the player not being eligible to play.
2. Hearings will only be conducted if any further punishment will need to be discussed. 
3. Adjustment to punishment for Cards throughout the season: 
  • First yellow card - No action
  • Second yellow card - $20 fine
  • Third yellow card - 1-game suspension and $20 fine
  • Fourth yellow card - Suspension for the entire season
  • Please review all the rules at http://www.brotherhoodsoccer.com/?p=rules